We are a company dedicated to the administration, direction, assembly, and construction of all types of civil engineering works, with an emphasis on the Environment, Sustainable Clean Energy, Gas, and Synthetic Fuels. The FUNDACIÓN AMBIENTALISTA VALENTINE HOLDINGS®, with several work fronts.

We have extensive experience in the energy sector and civil works; We have developed different international operations and now it is venturing into South America. Wanting to implement the provision of logistics services for the Clean and Sustainable Energy sector; in partnership with public and private sector companies.


Operative Aspect

VALENTINEHOLDINGS® has a wide spectrum of complementary services to its main activities. It has its own central communications and monitoring of operations, it also has a standard model of marketing and control; which allows us to optimize all first-hand information in real-time and effectively.

Human Aspect

VALENTINEHOLDINGS® has highly trained personnel, with the philosophy of a family, committed to the development and implementation of new technologies at the service and well-being of each of those who contribute their workforce to the company; It also has a staff monitoring center in the office, and in the field, guaranteeing commitment and efficiency for all the staff who work.


Technological Aspect 

VALENTINEHOLDINGS®, its main interest, is innovation in technology, providing economic and human stock for this purpose; with a Central Environment monitoring system, capable of measuring minimum levels of emissions; gathering the information to apply it in the management of contingency plans and environmental remediation. Wants to work with institutions of higher education, to develop and implement scientific research.

It has been innovated and investigated in Sustainable Energy (Synthetic Fuels and Gas). Electric Power is an important factor in today's society, as a supplement in electric vehicles. And the Energy based on Syngas.


We have high standards for excellence in our work, with the rules ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 27001.


Always with a slogan: "RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT".



Provide Sustainable, Clean, and Economic Energy; in addition to delivering communication services. That care for the Environment is applied as a principle in everything, always implementing development in all construction sites, with very high-quality standards and cutting-edge technology.



We comply with excellent control of procedures that are governed by international standards applicable to any country, our directors, administrative staff, and qualified workforce comply with high international levels of quality required.